Spring Play 2009 - "Antigone"

Our Spring Play in 2009 was the Lewis Galantiere adaptation of Jean Anouilh's Antigone.

It was produced in the WG Little Theater for four evening performances. March 11th-14th

The show was directed by Mrs. Romanowski with technical direction by Mr. Schaefer. Assistant directed by CJ Fischer. Sound was designed by Mr. Schaefer.

Student direction by Natalie Lester, and stage managment by Laura Mitchler and Stevie Trembley.
Asssistant stage management by Miranda West.

"Neither Save Me Nor Stop Me!"

Maddie Byrne as Antigone and Scott McDonald playing Creon.
Both of these very talented actors played this tension packed tragedy to the end!

The Scenic Element

This production was a really fun project for the department. We hadn't done any real classics and this was a great opportunity to bring the greeks into the mix. The fabulous adaptation we used made it easy to play with the show visually and so we decided early on that we wanted to set the story in the 1920's. Then it landed in a penthouse in a Chicago highrise and Creon became the mob boss. Perfect!

This opened up opportunity for the technical theater classes to not only explore the style and design of classical Greek, but we also got the chance to play with the style and design of 1920's Art Deco. The two blended very well and we used elements of both time periods in the final design. The results were stunning.

All three technical classes and some afterschool volunteeers participated in the design, the construction, and even quite a bit of the painting.

The set was entirely student designed, and we spent a good amount of time in class researching and drawing the various walls and drooways. The script was very specific with it's floor plan so we knew what we needed to have for the all the entrances/exits.

The classes drew quite a few different renderings over a couple of weeks. We broke it down into five areas that needed to be designed. Each student drew their idea for that wall or doorway and once everyone had drawn a sample we hung them all on the wall and the students each received one vote each for their favorite design option. Then we invited the cast and crew to vote as well.

The sections were broken down to an elevator wall, a set of french doors (which ended up being only one set of doors because of the space), a fireplace wall, Creon's chamber door, and the archway exit to the rest of the penthouse. Below are a few of the final drawings that received the most votes.

Two of the final designs were from a student named Sam Meyers, and elevator sculpture (which ended up being a giant snake) was designed and built by Weston Bussler.

The set build is always like playing with puzzle pieces!

Other great technical challenges we tackled with this show:

A fireplace with fire (we built in a TV and DVD player and played a fireplace video)

- we did learn that you have to disfuse the reflection on the TV screen...we used a thin black fabric and stretched it. It allowed the image to pass, but kept the reflection to a minimum.

An Elevator door - that opened and closed and delivered the characters to Creon's penthouse.

Tons of practical lighting - We created the glow of classic 1920's art deco latern lighting by making several parts of the set light up. 4 handmade sconces and a portrait scultpure over the mantle.


We had quite a few people that had to be put in old age make-up for this story. Most the actors had little experience with this kind of make-up before, but they all looked great!

Annie Crites as the Nurse and Anna George as Eurydice

Scott McDonald in the greenroom ready to go on!
For the role of Creon, Scott decided to wear a two piece gotee facial hair application.


Mrs. Romanowski designed the costumes for the show with help from Katie Siede, Marika Betker, and Maggie Mohr. The design was completed by pulling from several sources. We had the opportunity to get some of the fabulous 1920's dresses and suits from STAGES rentals. We also raided some of our stock and we of course had to shop for a little bit. We also used fake cigarettes for the chorus and that added a neat 20's flair for their scenes.

The final look was fantastic and totally took us to the 20's.

Grace Knobbe, Sarah Manuel, Joe Roeder and Jake Fruend
looking sharp as our Chorus

Alicia Trebus on the blacony as Ismene


Other cast members not mentioned from previous pictures:

Patrick Barbercheck..................as Haemon
Sean O'Brien..............................1st Guard
Brandon Smith...........................2nd Guard
Hal Matthews.............................3rd Guard
Claire Toler................................Messanger
Jerome Riley..............................Page


Maggie Mohr............................LIGHT OP
Kevin Clark...............................SOUND OP
Kaitlyn Suhre............................House Mgr.

Special Thanks to all the Tech classes
and the afterschool volunteers!

We can't do this without you!

of the production

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