Black History Month play 2010 - "Driving Miss Daisy

Alfred Uhry's Pulitzer Prize-Winning play Driving Miss Daisy was our SAA- Black History Month play for 2010 and was presented in the Jerry R. Knight Auditorium in blackbox style.

The production was directed by Mr. Schaefer. It was given a three night run and one encore performance.

The audience was seated on stage with the actors and the show was done in a very intimate setting. (45-50 seats per night)

Watch a Montage
of our Production of this great show
by clicking on the following link:

Miranda West as Daisy and Jerome Riley as Hoke

This was such an exciting show for us. It was our second Black History Month production in the department and we had such a good time putting this incredibly touching story together.

The Setting
Atlanta, Georgia

(from the program)

Once I read this fabulous piece of writing I knew it was a show that needed to produce at Webster, and with the addition of a Black History Month play into the season, it seemed like  perfect fit. Driving Miss Daisy is a play that speaks on so many levels. Not only is it a lesson about mortality and cherishing each moment but a great lesson on how each of us can be a teacher and student at the same time.

I believe the characters speak to us as they journey through life. they lecture us on tolerance, acceptance, and not judging or assuming anything based off skin color because of the steroetypes that we fall prey to as human beings. I hope you walk out of here with a new perspective on race, different cultures, and growing older in these changing times. In the spirit of the show; sit and back and enjoy the ride.

T-shirt design by Wil Shelton and Mr. Schaefer
(technical theatre class)

The cast was amazing and worked very hard on these characters, which were not easy for any of them. We had to create these older people and they had to be genuine and real. On top of the age factor we also had to deal with a southern dialect and black southern dialect. Two of actors had very little experience coming in to this show with that type of character work. (Jerome had performed a previous role in Piano Lesson that gave him a leg up)


Miranda West............Daisy
Jerome Riley.............Hoke
Sean O'Brien.............Boolie

The set before the texture painting

The final look of the set

The Staging

We staged the show in thrust and had audience on three sides (almost) and it was in a blackbox style on the aud stage. The backdrop was the cyc and we were able to provide a very cool color wash for the various scenes.

We also created a very smooth path for the running crew and costume crew in this show. The scenes could not have too much of a break between them and the author was very specific about the feel of the scene changes. We had to go FAST!

A view from the balcony...only the light op watched from up there

The set was designed with three exits. Two sides had steps that lead off right and down center, and one was a ramp that lead off left. It worked great. The actors could easily get off stage for a fast costume change and then back on again.

All of the props were minimal and the set pieces were as well. The story takes you through 30 years of Daisy's life and all the seasons. It was a real puzzle to figure out and our technical crews took the challenge! It turned out beautiful.


The technical side of the show was completed by Mr. Schaefer and the Advanced Technical Theatre class. We also had many students join us closer to opening the show to help with running some of the tech and filling out the crews.


Brandon Smith................Stage Manager
Taylor Johnson...............Asst Director / Running crew
Alex Porter........ .............lights
David Owen.....................sound designer / OP
Katie Wiese.....................costume mistress / props
Katie Siede......................costume asst.
Barabara Morphew........props
Nathan Bischan...............running crew
Micah Hawker................PR
Laura Mitchler...............dramaturg
Dru Levels.......................Box Office


It was constructed in a couple of days and had to be many locations in the play. We basically provided 7 acting areas.

The play makes the characters go:
  • in the car
  • to the cemetary
  • to the store
  • to the temple
  • to a holiday party
  • in the garage
  • in the kitchen
  • in the livingroom
  • at a convention
  • at Boolie's office
  • on the front stoop
  • (...and probably a few more)

We built the structure in class and painted after school. We even painted directly on the floor to create an acting space around the structure.

Some of the set pieces we made:
  • A car steering wheel unit
  • Two grave stones
  • A bench/couch

***It was intended that we take the show on a small high school tour, but we couldn't get any schools to take a late spring booking for us to tour it... we really wanted to...maybe next time.

Costumes were a big part of this show. We were very lucky to have the brilliant Katie Wiese as our costumer on this production. It was Katie's job to dress all of these times changes and seasons, and she did it like a pro.

KATIE WIESE - Costumer

In order to perform all of the necessary costume quick changes we had to construct a changing room on both sides of the stage to allow the actors to disappear briefly. It worked great.


(Our PRESS Release for the show)

Webster Drives Miss Daisy In Feb To Honor Black History Month

Webster Groves High School and the Students For Awareness and Action (SAA) are proud to present Alfred Uhry’s Pulitzer Prize winning play Driving Miss Daisy, Feb 11th,12th,and 13th in the Jerry R. Knight Auditorium at 7pm. This is a historical, thought-provoking, and dynamic drama with a hint of comedy about how we all need to be both a teacher and a student in life. This beautifully written play explores the relationship of two people who learn the biggest lessons in their lives later than expected, and how they find joy in what they would define as an unconventional companion.

It is a stellar script for this young cast to tackle, and they are geared up to deliver a very engaging evening of theater. Join us and experience the intimacy of this play as we view the racially divided times in 1930’s Georgia and travel through the 1970’s. The cast includes Miranda West, Jerome Riley and Sean O’Brien. The stage of the auditorium will be transformed into a semi-blackbox theater, and so the seating will be extremely limited. Tickets for this production are $7.00 for students and $10 for adults. We will also be collecting additional donations for the SAA 2009-2010 college scholarship fund. Box office will open at 6:00pm and the doors of the theater will open at 6:30pm. Celebrate Black History month with us and take in this truly one-of-a-kind American theater masterpiece.


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