Fall Play 2010 - "Noises Off" - STATE SHOW

Michael Frayn's hilarious farce Noises Off was our 2010 Fall Play. It was first produced in the WGHS Little Theater in Nov.
Was presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc., New York.

The production was directed by Mrs. Romanowski and assistant directed by CJ Fischer. Technical direction was provided by Mr. Schaefer and assistant TD was Tony Elliot. The show was stage managed by Maggie Mohr and assisted by Megan O'Brien,. The student directors were Joanna Newberry and Kaitlynn Drumm.

The cast of Noises Off in rehearsal in the WGHS Drama Room

We had three performances, and we were ejudicated for state conference. It was selected to go to MSU in January for an additional performance in front of the MO thespians at STATE....and it was the most amazing experience for our department. (We also had three students in the All-State production of Jekyl and Hyde as well...it was a very cool conference)

Watch a montage of our production
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Our production of Noises Off was a lesson in planning from day one. We knew that we wanted this show to go to the state conference, and so we worked hard to make sure that happened, and it payed off.

Mrs. R. and the cast worked their tails off getting that crazy script blocked, memorized and get several wacky characters to come to life... then they had to put that mess on the two-story monster of a set and make it all come together. They did and it was very funny!

Mrs. R and CJ Fischer keeping it together                       Everyone's getting it...right?

The rehearsal process was probably the hardest work for them (as it should be) and they spent countless hours in the Drama Room. The script is very straightforward with it's author's direction to the cast but there are three acts of it, and Act II has a split page script that tells you what is happening in front and behind the scene. Tough stuff!...but with lots of practice and repetition the show came together.

By the time the cast had the show running they seemed a like an improv team. They had great comic timing and trusted each other to the end! It was a wacky crew, and they had to save each other up there several times. With that set and all those props it became a show about SARDINES! (and phone cords)


Sean O'Brien as.........................Frederick
Aaron Buleski as.......................Selsdon
Lynn Carroll as.........................Brooke 
Marika Betker as.......................Poppy 
Sienna Sears..............................Belinda 
Hal Matthews as........................Tim 
Patrick Duggan as......................Gary 
Lia Ashley as.............................Dotty 
Nathan Eswine as......................Lloyd

(Most of the actors had to play two roles...one in the play and one in the play within the play)

 Marika Betker working on her lines


The set was designed and built by Mr. Schaefer and all three technical theater classes. It was the first time we purchased all new wood for a set so that the show could travel.

We began building in Sept and finished right before opening in Nov. It was like building a real house...but this one had to split in three parts and rotate! CRAZY huh?...but we made it happen...and got an applause each time!


Alex Porter - Lights
Tommy Jernigan - Lighting tech / designer
David Schwartz - Sound OP
Jackson Hughes - Sound Asst.
Sam Reeves - Sound OP (at State)
Katie Wiese - Costumes
Katie Siede - Costumes 
Joanna Newberry - Props master
Tony Elliot - Deck Chief
Michael Becker - T-Shirt / Program Cover designer
Candace Boedeker - Show Banner designer
Megan Sullivan - Photographer

All kids of additional help was provided by students with set painting and other majorly important tasks. (We will try to get this page updated with more students names...)


After running the show in November we struck all the props, costumes, set pieces, and the set itself and stored it in the back of the auditorium in boxes and piles...and waited until January.

Then once we got back from Winter break we got rolling again and brought the whole show to MSU in Springfield, MO to give it one more run for the MO thespians.

The theater at MSU

It took some donations and most of our department's budget to get us there, but it was well worth it.

It was the largest U-Haul Mr. Schaefer ever had to drive, and we packed it to the brim. It took three tech classes to pack it right, and once we got to MSU's loading dock we unpacked it with half that number of people.

Once all the pieces were laid out on the stage, we began to re-assemble the set with maps, drawings, photo journals and a major scrambling of the brains! Thanks to all who were there to make this house stand one more time. Especially the parents, alum and most of all the fabulous Mr. Tony Elliot.

Once we got the set going, the cast started to run brush-ups, we loaded in the microphones and master sound guys Sam Reeves and David Schwartz got to work with the MSU Theater sound system and did mic checks. Our show sounded great!

Alex Porter worked on getting all the lights working. It was a thrill to be on such a great system in that super cool theater!

Without too much headache the set went back up. All the props and costumes got checked in and the showtime rapidly approached. It all came down to one door not wanting to close on the second floor. It tool 15 rubber bands to finally make it close on its own (whew!)...trying to solve door closing problems with a set at State is what it is all about...true critical thinking at it's best!

(from the Program) - Mrs. Romanowski

I remember being a freshman in college and how I felt embarking  on a new and exciting adventure in my life...college theater! I also remember the first play I was a part of as a freshman. The name of the play was (of course) Noises Off. I was running lights and had the pleasure of watching the show from the lighting booth.

From the first rehearsal, I knew this show was something special. I had never laughed so hard and had never seen a more diverseset of characters in one play. I mostly remember the script and how different it was from anything else I ever read. I never for got the play and told myself that i would again someday, be apart of that in some way. 

We had always talked about doing Noises Off, but knew we needed a special cast and needed to move the play into the auditorium because of the mere size of the set. The decision was made...this would be the year we tckled this show!

The cast worked their sardines off to bring this show to the stage! So curtain up, set the boxes and doors, get some fresh sardines on the plates and curtain!  

The cast and crew of Noises Off will never forget being on that big stage and hearing the roar of the crowd.


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